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Freedom is a basic human instinct, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of thought. Some men have fought in their own individual way to highlight social or corporate injustices and have achieved iconic status on the way.

Bob Marley, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Che Guavara and Joe Strummer are just a few examples. Sportsmen, musicians, political activists and freedom fighters - all of them have used their lives to challenge authority, to make people think about the alternatives and to inspire others.

None of them are or were anything other than human beings, ordinary people like you and I but with an agenda provoked by a lack of freedom personal to them. Surely this is what the punk movement is all about - it's more than just music. So let not these individual crusades be in vain - think for yourself, challenge the ignorant, hold your head high and seek the truth, nothing but the truth. Remember this......fear exists to be confronted.

In these days of hash tag society and automation where every telephone call to a robot orders you press one for this department or two for another, is the art of conversation going to be lost? It’s a primal instinct for a person to communicate with the rest of the human race, so let’s get back to talking to each other and meeting up, let’s press flesh and support your local scene. See you at gig very soon.

Sex, Drugs and HIV

In 1995 Mat Sargent (Sham 69, Chelsea and Splodgenessabounds) decided to ask a few fellow musicians to help him put an album together to give something back to the charities that had helped him on his journey in life. Fast forward 19 years, over 200 guest musicians, 40 original songs and 170 hours of video footage and the Sex, Drugs and HIV album was finally born! This double CD also includes a DVD of all the songs and 28 page booklet listing all the musicians on each track. Proceeds from the sale of the album will go to Cancer Research, Rape Crisis, Release and Terrence Higgins Trust.

Featuring Kev Nixon and Ollie Hoon - get it here, or on Amazon.